About the UNIT
A list of top cryptocurrencies creates UNIT. UNIT is both the first unbiased unit of account and crypto's first unbiased benchmark. We foresee a future where people no longer depend on central banks’ fiat currency as the value benchmark. As we journey further into an era of increasing decentralization and disintermediation, we believe that an unbiased standard is emerging and that standard is UNIT. Since UNIT is a pure unit of account and not a currency, we created TINU, the first token pegged to the value of the benchmark. To mint TINU, enter our vaults, and boost your returns with UN rewards using our farms.
What is UNIT?
UNIT is an unbiased unit of account created from a set of cryptocurrencies coming from an
Open Selection Criteria
and glued together through an
Open Algorithm
that includes the total human population and the average life expectancy at birth.
What is TINU?
TINU is a token pegged to UNIT that can only be issued through our vaults. Its name comes from reversing the order of the letters in UNIT and contains the magical word inu.
Is UNIT money?
Money has taken many forms through the ages, but it consistently has three functions: unit of account, medium of exchange, and store of value. None of the cryptocurrencies that exist today achieve all three aspects. UNIT aims at fulfilling the unit of account function of money but not the other two. Once the crypto space grows enough to serve as the world's financial system, UNIT can also be a standard for deferred payments which is a subfunction of a unit of account.
What features make UNIT unique?
Unlike all previous units of account, UNIT is not a currency; it is an unbiased unit derived from the most important cryptocurrencies. In this way, UNIT doesn't choose winners or losers and instead focuses on the most important portion of the fungible decentralized cryptocurrency market.
What is the UNIT's mission and motto?
Unite and Build
UNIT is the First Just Unit of Account, what does "Just" here mean?
The term "Just" in this context carries two meanings. Firstly, it implies that UNIT is an unbiased unit of account. Secondly, it refers to UNIT only being a pure unit. It's not a currency, instead, it provides a steady benchmark in the crypto world.